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Dustek Model JR-10
Dustek Model JR-30
Dustek Model C300
Dustek Model C500
Dustek Model C750
Dustek Model C1000
Dustek Model C1500
Dustek Model C2000
Dustek Model W750
Dustek Model W1000
Dustek Model W1500
Dustek Model W2000
Dustek Model W2500

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(Click HERE for photos of Dustek Field Installations)

Dustek Dust Collectors are made in New England

Durable, Efficient, Affordable, Flexible Heavy Gauge Steel Construction | Small Footprint – minimal production floor space required | 7 Models, 1000 – 8500 CFM Capacity | Internal Return Design – no heat loss | Large Collection Capacity | Easily Moved to satisfy changing requirements | Simple Installation | Minimal Maintenance

DUSTEK Features

  • Dustek Frames: Heavy Gauge Steel Construction, Heavy Gauge Tubular Cross Supports, Durable Industrial Enamel Finish, Internal Baffling, Dustlock Barrel Design. Custom Heights Available.
  • Dustek Motors: Severe Duty Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), 208/230v or 460/480v 3 phase 60 cycle. 2 year factory warranty, UL listed, CSA approved, CE approved. 1 Phase Available.
  • Dustek Filter Bags: Increased Airflow Seamless Knit Polyester. Excellent Filtration Efficiencies, 99.5% to 99.9% at 1 Micron. Dustek Unique Dust Escape Locking Cord. Double Reinforced Bottom Closure.
  • Dustek Very Fine Dust ONLY Filter Cartridges: Heavy Duty Durable Construction, 99.9% at 1 Micron. Maximum Filtration for Very Fine Dust.
  • Dustek Plastic Collection Bags: Heavy Duty Special Polymer 6 Mil Thick, Double Sealed 15 Cu Ft Capacity.
  • Dustek Impellers: High Quality 356 Alloy Aluminum. Precision Dynamically Balanced to Eliminate Vibration. Heat Treated to T/6 Hardness for Maximum Strength.
  • Dustek Unique: “no-dust” Rubber Gaskets ï “handsfree” Magnetic Plastic Bag Holders ï “quick release” Clamps.
  • Optional Magnetic Starters: Pushbutton Across Line Magnetic Motor Starters, NEMA 1 Enclosures.

(Click HERE for photos of Dustek Field Installations)

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